Called about rats in my home. Problem solved same day! Thanks guys will use you again (if I have to!)
By John Smith

Professional Pest Control

A cartoon pest control technician holding a can of poison. If you want to get rid of the pests in your home as quickly as possible then you are going to have to use professional pest control experts, like the ones found here at Pest Control London 24/7. You can try to deal with them yourself in most circumstances, but when you use a professional service you have a 100% guarantee of success because their job will not be over until they have successfully got rid of all of the pests.

The other advantages that you will get include complete safety. Some techniques can be quite dangerous, not to mention the danger that comes from some of the pests themselves. When you use a professional service though, the technicians will first make sure that you are safe from the activities of the pests themselves. Then they will go about carrying out the treatment, which can sometimes be toxic and requires training to be carried out safely.

Pest Control Services

At Pest Control London 24/7 we will deal with literally any sort of pest. The one that you are having a problem with might not be found in the list below, or even anywhere on the website, but please rest assured that we will be able to take care of it. (The one exception to that is a bees' nest as these have to be relocated by professional bee handlers.)

Some of the pests dealt with include:Against a white background, a selection of cut-out photos of pests.

Rats and Mice
Bed Bugs
Pigeons, and

Again, this is only a partial list, we will take care of all pest control problems in London

img Domestic Pest Control -Our friendly pest control experts will be glad to help if you have a problem with pests in your home, or if you would like advice on how to keep pests away. Our services are inexpensive, but are high quality.
img Commercial Pest Control - There is a legal requirement for all food-based businesses to have proper pest control procedures set up, and we can assist all businesses in that regard, making sure that they pass any inspection. Also, should an issue with pests actually arise, we will be able to provide a fast and discreet service to get rid of them.
img Contact Pest Control London 24\7 - You can contact us at any time of the day or night for a free quote or to get us around straight away to deal with whatever pest is causing problems for you. We will provide you with a fast, efficient and inexpensive service so that your life can go back to normal, free of pests!