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By John Smith
Although not really dangerous, bed bugs are still one of the nastiest infestations that it is possible to contract. The very idea of bugs in our bed is enough to make some people almost go insane. The bites are also unsightly and itch badly. And it's important to remember that the bedbugs will breed fast, which is why at the first sign of an infestation you should contact Pest Control London 24/7.

How Bed Bugs Are Spread

A close up of bed bugs, brown oval insects, near the seam of a mattress. A lot of pests, especially insects, are attracted to unhygienic conditions. That's only because that is where they can get food though, which is why it makes no difference to the bed bug, because we are its food.

Given that is the case then, the question arises as to how exactly a bed bug infestation does spread. The answer is the same way as something like a virus, through proximity with someone who already has it. So if you come into contact with someone who is tackling bed bugs then they might be in their clothes, and one might transfer over to you.

One of the most common places that a bed bug infestation will spread is a hotel, a bed and breakfast or a hostel. In other words, anywhere that lots of different people sleep in the same bed night after night. If one is carrying a bed bug infestation with them then they will end up leaving it behind, and then the next person will pick it up.

The other main way that a bed bug infestation will spread is by their travelling through a building. They can't travel large distances, but if there are gaps in the walls then they will be able to travel between rooms in a building.

How To Avoid Bed Bug Infestations

Red marks on an arm: bed bugs bites It is very difficult to avoid a bed bug infestation if one is around. If you are going to stay in a hotel then you should certainly check the mattress, the skirting board, and any drawers near the bed. Remember, it doesn't really matter how clean the room looks, so you should check it whatever the level of hygiene seems to be.

To avoid bed bugs being able to travel to your room in an apartment building though is particularly difficult though. Bedbugs can fit through such tiny holes that really sealing all of them would be almost impossible, although it doesn't hurt to try.

Bed Bugs Treatment

It's best to contact an expert pest control company when you have a bed bug infestation because it is extremely difficult to get rid of it. And yet the instruction is quite easy, it is simply to clean everywhere. Most of the time you won't need more than a damp cloth.

The important point about his sort of cleaning is that it is not about making the place hygienic because, as stated, bedbugs do not respond to that sort of thing, Instead it is about actually killing them, getting to all of the tiny spaces they might be hiding. They can hide anywhere in the room, and in the tiniest of gaps, so it frequently takes more than one attempt to actually get rid of them.

Contact Pest Control London 24/7

Whenever you discover a bed bug infestation, contact Pest Control London 24/7 for immediate advice and assistance. We provide a fast and inexpensive service, which is available 24 hours a day. Fill in your details now for a call back within 10 minutes.