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By John Smith
As pests go, at first glance birds are certainly not one of the worst. For one thing they don't come in to your home, and they're not unpleasant to look at either. Having said that though they can make an awful lot of noise, especially seagulls, and they make a lot of mess outside as well, especially pigeons. They're a very big problem in London so whether it's a public, commercial or private property, when it comes to bird control, London has to take it very seriously.

The Problems With Birds

A seagull sitting on a chimney in a city. First of all it should be pointed out that not all birds are considered pests of course. In fact there are some that are not considered pests when maybe they should because of the problems they cause, but on the whole when we're talking about the bird problem in London, we mean pigeons and seagulls.

The most obvious problem that they cause is that of the mess that they make on the ground, on buildings and on vehicles with their droppings. Not only are they unsightly, but it can damage the paintwork of a car, and if it's on the ground then you might slip over it.

If you do come into contact with it then you'll have to very quickly wash the affected areas because bird droppings can also carry diseases.

Bird Control: Prevention

A pavement under a tree which is almost covered in bird mess. With most pests, there are two ways of approaching pest control, in terms of prevention and in terms of elimination. With birds though we only really have prevention, or deterrence, to work with because it would be impossible to get rid of all the birds in such a large area as London.

There are two main bits of equipment that can be used to keep birds away from your property, which are:

Bird Spikes These are a common sight in London of course, often used in public places but they can also be used for domestic pest control. They look very violent but of course they do not harm the birds at all because they simply deter them perching there in the first place.

Bird Nets While the bird spikes prevent birds from perching on the side of a building, bird nets provide more comprehensive cover. They can be put over the whole roof, which also prevents nesting, as well as perching.

These techniques should provide cover not only for the property but for the immediate surroundings as well, since if the birds are not going to be perching there it is a lot less likely that they will be making mess there either.  


The problem of seagulls has become an increasing problem in recent years, with their being 2 times more of them in London now than there were in the 80s. At that time there were only about 10,000, but now there are approximately 20,000 of them.

Seagulls cause all of the same problems as pigeons, plus a few more. In particular, they are far more aggressive than pigeons and will occasionally actually dive-bomb people, although if they do then it will generally only be because they feel their young are being threatened.

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