Called about rats in my home. Problem solved same day! Thanks guys will use you again (if I have to!)
By John Smith
Although mice are smaller than rats, in many ways they can be just as dangerous. After all they also spread disease, and in any case they are just not nice to have around. If you've got a mouse control problem then Pest Control London 24/7 will be able to take care of it for you, so feel free to get in touch. We are available 24 hours a day, offering a 10 minute call back service.

Mice Control London: Techniques

A mouse next to a wall at night. There are generally two approaches to any pest control issue. One of them is in terms of prevention, and the other one is there to eliminate the current infestation.

Prevention Mice, like rats, are attracted to sources of food and water. So if all of your food is stored properly and you don't have any water leaking from pipes, or building up in drains, then you should be fine. To be absolutely sure though, it's best to check your property over to make sure that there aren't any cracks or gaps that a mouse might be able to squeeze through.

Elimination The best mouse control technique in terms of getting rid of the mice is usually to use traps. That's because when a trap is used, you'll know exactly where the body is and getting rid of it will be easy. If you don't like the idea of the spring loaded metal bar traps, there are now humane mouse traps that can be used instead. It's also possible to use poison, but the problem there is that the mice might die in places that are difficult to get to, making disposing of the body very difficult.

How To Spot A Mouse Infestation

One of the clearest signs that you have rodents on your property is the existence of gnawing on furniture, near the base of course. Although if you have a dog that you know also does this sort of thing then you'll have to consider that possibility as well.

Mice are incontinent so they will leave their urine just about everywhere, and this will lead to a bad smell. The smell will be at its worst near to the nest though, so it's best to tell any pest control technician you invite to deal with the problem where it smells worst.

Another way that you can be pretty sure you have a problem with rodents is if you hear them scurrying across the floor late at night.

Facts About The House Mouse

A mouse entering a blue tube, with a yellow door ready to shut behind it. The most common kind of mouse that you will find in London is the House Mouse. They are:

2 long

Light brown (or sometimes black)

Very fertile. Up to 12 babies can be born every 3 weeks, which adds up to 150 babies in a year.

Contact Pest Control London 24/7

If you have got a problem with mice and you are located in or around London, then call Pest Control London 24/7 for expert pest control assistance. We will be able to identify the severity of the infestation and choose the best method to get rid of it as soon as possible.