Called about rats in my home. Problem solved same day! Thanks guys will use you again (if I have to!)
By John Smith
The rats in London are infamous, in fact it is said that there are so many that whenever you are in London, you are never more than 20ft away from a rat. Of course for some people that is going to be a lot less because they will have them in their homes.

If you find yourself in a position like that, then be sure to contact Pest Control London 24/7 because we will be able to help you, whatever the time of night or day.

Spotting Rat Infestations

A rat in a well lit drain coming towards us. Observing a rat infestation is a bit more tricky than you might think. At least, to catch it early can be quite difficult. They're nocturnal creatures, and they tend to want to stay away from people, so it might be a while after you have got the infestation that you actually see a rat.

Before that time you will have many more opportunities to spot an infestation though. For example, there will be the rat droppings that you'll be able to see, which are shaped like a sultana and are about 1.5cm 2cm long. Also, they will usually be found in a grouping.

You might also see oily marks on skirting boards. These will be places where a rat has run past, and some of the oil in its fur coat will have come off on to the wall. They also urinate many times a day, and this will cause a bad smell that you might notice.

There are also a few other ways that you can notice a rat infestation, and you can get in touch for free for more information.

Eliminating Rat Infestations

However and whenever you identify an infestation, it is time to call on the pest control experts. They will come to your property and figure out the best place to lay out traps. The other option is to use poison, but the problem there is that the rat might die and start to decompose somewhere it is difficult to get to.

This may take a little while to be effective because rats will stay away from new food sources for a certain period of time. It helps for them to take it faster if there is nothing else around to eat, which is why it is important to clean up even after you have a rat infestation.

Preventing Rat Infestations

A wire that has been chewed, and food on the floor next to rat droppings. One way to prevent a rat problem in London is to seal up any possible entrances that the rats could get through. These are smaller than you might think, considering a common rat weighs a sturdy 340g on average.

Ideally you don't want to be attracting anyway them though, and that means that you'll have to keep food sources and water sources controlled. In terms of the food, you will have to dispose of waste properly. In terms of water, it will be necessary to make sure your pipes and your drains are all working.

Contact Pest Control London 24/7

If you have a problem with rats in London, or you would like more information on how to avoid a rat control issue, then contact us for free and we will be happy to help.