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By John Smith
When some people, especially children, see squirrels frolicking through woods, they think they look cute and nice.  They have that bushy tail and inquisitive eyes, and it's easy just to appreciate them.  On the other hand, some people see tree rats and can't stand the sight of them.  Whatever way you tend to look at them outside though, if they get in your roof or start causing havoc in your garden, you'll have no problem calling them a pest.

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Squirrel Control: London

Two squirrels looking out through a hole in a roof. When they're in public spaces, squirrels don't tend to cause much of a problem. In fact, some find it fun to watch them running up and down trees. It's a different story when they invade your property though.

Squirrels in the garden To build nests, squirrels need wood. They usually get it by stripping back trees. If they do this to one of the trees in your garden, then not only is it going to de-beautify the tree but in extreme cases it might even kill it. They are also well known for burying nuts and seeds of course, and whether they do that in your flower beds or your lawn, that could have very bad results as well.

Squirrels in the loft An even bigger problem than having squirrels in your garden though is having them in your loft. There they will strip back wood and insulation for their nests, and cause all sorts of damage just by their normal activity.

What Can Be Done About Squirrels In London?

If you have a problem with squirrels, then what a professional pest control expert is going to be able to do is set up traps and catch the squirrels, and then destroy them. Of course it's best if it doesn't get that far though. It would be much more preferable if you simply prevented them from becoming a problem in the first place.

This is not so easy considering how mobile they are of course, and that they don't need particularly special conditions in order to survive, but there are certainly some things that you can do. For example, they are attracted to bird seeds that some people put out in their garden so you could stop putting that out, or else put up squirrel guards. Also, you can make sure there are no holes or weak spots in your roof so that they cannot get in.

Beware The Red Squirrel!

Ripped up insulation in a loft. Although it would be very odd to see the red squirrel in London, if you do then you are not allowed to harm it as it is an endangered species (there are supposedly only 140,000 reds to over 2.5 million greys in the UK). This is one of the reasons that it is not a good idea to try to trap squirrels yourself because if something goes wrong, and you end up harming a red squirrel, you could be in some trouble.


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